About Us

VATS 24 intends to provide with an overall environment for value addition to studies, where everybody can find a home away from home and nearby reading facilities with a secluded and peaceful environment, so as to ensure a more efficient studying system.

VATS 24 intends to bring the whole country on one platform saving time, energy and money in finding accommodation and reading facilities.

"We just want to add value to studies"

VATS 24 intends to shower one with all the choices that one will ever need and intends to do it according to one's budget, so that one can get the best facilities out of one's moneys' worth and make India a home to intellectuals and eventually lead to a more informed and educated world.

VATS 24 intends to facilitate individuals such as working professionals and especially students in saving their time and energy which is otherwise spent in looking for accommodations or reading facilities because no one is stranger to such hassle.

Who we are
We are the ones who cater to some of the hardships met by an individual at a time when such individual moves to a new location for studies or work. In the process, we also help the society as a whole to grow and to prosper.
Who do we serve
Our direct concerns are the students and the working professionals and indirectly we intend to bring value to some of the wasted assets of the society by providing opportunity to utilize such wasted assets through either providing accommodation or space for study.
What we do
We try to bring the students close to the right persons who can provide accommodation with nearby reading-library facilities saving a lot of time and energy for both the parties.
How do we do it
We provide people with a hassle free platform, with maximum resource efficiency i.e. students and working professionals can find and book the most accommodating place to live and study. The wasted spaces with owners can be made into an accommodating place to live and study for the students and working professionals, thereby making it an asset for the owners through VATS 24.

Our vision is to develop a learning environment, where everybody is their own teacher.

We want everybody to be able to explore the country for knowledge without the restriction of being bound by the geographical boundaries.