We provide you a friendly environment within the city that feels like a meditation room with the best amenities at the most affordable price at the time slot of your convenience so that you can have your focus on one goal, yours…

Holidays & Short Days


Diwali 3 Days


Raksha Bandhan

Makar Sakranti

Cancellation Policy :

Fees is neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.

More Information

Anyone can get their seats fixed by paying an additional fee of ₹100.

The information provided here may not necessarily be completely comprehensive or accurate.

Course/Profession No. of Persons

1. No phone calls are allowed inside library.
2. If your leave your belongings behind, Management is not responsible for any theft/loss.
3.You are not allowed to share Wi-Fi password with anyone.
4. In case of Misbehaviour, Registration will be cancelled and fees will be forfeited.
5. Entry & Exit to the library must be within allotted time.
6. Discussion/Talking not allowed inside the library.
7. Use single seat for yourself and your belongings.
8. Use dustbin to keep library clean.

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